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    Dr. Kokx is wonderful. I had Lasik done with Dr. Kokx about a year ago. He was very patient with me while during the initial steps. I suffered from dry eyes and had several questions and concerns to make sure I was making the right decision in moving forward with Lasik. He answered all questions and concerns and put my mind at ease. The same day I completed Lasik surgery , I noticed significant results. I followed up with Dr. Kokx recently ,over year since surgery, since I still have slight dryness in one eye (nothing compared to what it was prior to Lasik) and he didn’t hesitate to help me with a solution to diminish the slight dryness. Definitely recommend Lasik with Dr. Kokx.

  • From the staff at the front desk, assistant that takes you back to the room, the ladies in accounting and Dr. Brock - always an amazing and wonderful experience! Dr. Brock is THE best! Very thorough and makes you feel comfortable to ask all questions! I’ll certainly be back next year again and again as I have! Great practice!
    Source: Google Reviews 1
  • Have had a couple eye issues over the past year. I went to a different ophthalmologist and didn’t get much improvement. A friend of mine recommended Dr.Kruger and he was a godsend. Not only did he fix my problems, but he was also warm, friendly and I felt he really cared. Shoutout to his office staff as well, they were great!
    Source: Google Reviews 2
  • Dr. Kruger is the consummate professional. He made me feel very comfortable and thoroughly answered my questions and addressed all my concerns about my cataract surgery. My vision has improved tremendously and I am thrill with the results. The staff and technicians are very friendly and helpful. Highly recommend!
    Source: Google Reviews 3
  • I recently had cataract surgery done in both eyes by Dr. Kruger. WOW what an improvement in my vision! The professionalism and eye care from day 1 has been excellent. Thank you and KUDOS to the support staff, front desk, schedulers and of course, Dr. Kruger. I won't go anywhere else for eye care.
    Source: Google Reviews 4
  • This practice was recommended to me by my health coach, and I couldn't be happier with the services I have received here from all the staff, but especially Dr. Kruger. He was my surgeon for cataract surgery of both eyes and I received great results. It's like my vision has returned to that of my youth (if you can call 40 something youth). I can even see well at night now, which had become a considerable problem for me. The surgeries when smoothly with no discomfort at all. Dr. Kruger is very patient friendly and I can say that I had a great experience all around.
    Source: Google Reviews 5
  • Dr. Kruger did an excellent job performing the cataract surgery on each of my eyes, two weeks apart. He explained the entire procedures and answered all of my questions. The process was efficient and without complications. His staff helps set up all necessary medications and appointments. I am very pleased with my clarity of vision and recommend Associates in Eyecare for cataract removal.
    Source: Google Reviews 6
  • I've never written a doctor review but feel compelled to praise Dr. Kruger. I always go here for my annual eye exams and any other eye related emergencies. I have been a patient for over 3 years and have always received excellent care.
    Source: Google Reviews 7
  • I've always had a positive experience coming here. Dr. Kruger and his staff are professional, kind and knowledgeable. Although I've only been for routine eye exams and general health checks, I can speak on behalf of my father who recently had cataract surgery with Dr. Kruger. Nobody likes going through these kinds of procedures (especially him), but my father said it was quick, simple and he is thrilled with the outcome. No more cheater glasses! My family and I will continue to keep coming here and we highly recommend Dr. Kruger to our friends and others as well.
    Source: Google Reviews 8
  • What a great office! I have seen Dr Frankel for years and then switched to Dr Kruger for my cataract surgery. Dr Kruger was so nice and thoroughly explained all my choices; even suggested correcting my astigmatism at the same time as the surgery(which I had him do). The office staff is so friendly and it seems they really care about the patients’ wellbeing. I highly recommend Dr Kruger to anybody looking for an excellent eye doctor.
    Source: Google Reviews 9
  • I recently had cataract removal surgery with Dr. Matthew Kruger at Associates in Eye Care. It was amazing. Dr. Kruger was kind, pleasant and efficient. The surgery was such a positive experience and I can now see perfectly without glasses. What a wonderful thing! I'm thrilled! Thanks to Dr. Kruger, Dr. Frankel and everyone who helped make this happen for me. I will never stop recommending you to everyone I know!
    Source: Google Reviews 10
  • I moved to Denver 2 years ago and needed an Ophthamologist. I sought referrals from my Cherry Creek neighbors and two people recommended Dr. Matthew Kruger. One said she especially sought him out for cataract surgery. Little did I know that my cataracts had now come to the "it's time" stage. With no hesitation, I proceeded with surgery in both eyes. I could not be more pleased with all of my interactions with Dr. Kruger and especially with the outcome. Never did I have any doubt in his professionalism and skill as an Ophthamologist. I recommend Dr. Kruger wholeheartedly. And also I can recommend the Rose Hospital Surgery Center.
    Source: Google Reviews 11
  • Dr. Kruger did a great job at two different locations AND I was more than pleased with the outcome. A pleasant experience and I have already recommended him to future patients as I have given his card to several people who need cataract surgery.
    Source: Google Reviews 11
  • Dr. Kruger did a great job explaining my cataract surgeries. The follow-ups were particularly helpful. The efficiency in the office is so much better than some of the big mills I’ve experienced in Denver. The staffing is great.
    Source: Google Reviews 11
  • I just completed my second cataract surgery with Matthew Kruger MD. To say that surgery is a pleasant experience seems like a paradox; however, I really did have an extraordinary experience. As a nurse practitioner, I am particular about who provides my health care and the type provided. Dr. Kruger was very professional but not aloft. He was thorough in his presentation of the assessment; treatment options; risks, benefits and side effects of treatment options. I did not want to have anesthesia and wished to have the procedure under local anesthetic. The surgical center near his office refused. Dr. Kruger then willing became an advocate for me and found a surgical center where I could have the type of treatment that I preferred. He was available and even called me the first evening to see how I was doing. When I suggested that I have both eyes done at the same time, he told me of the risk of that thus resulting in my being able to make a more informed decision. After completing the surgery, I see that he was correct and the second lens was adjusted to help by close up vision. I have no need for glasses now but I may need a face lift to look like the 20 year old eyes that I now have. Without any reservation, I would recommend Dr. Kruger. He is an upcoming ophthalmologist who bodes well for our future health care. Thank you much
    Source: Google Reviews 11
  • I have been going to Associates in Eyecare for over 20 years and recently had cataract surgery. The care, treatment, and follow-up was exceptional. I have always appreciated the tremendous care I have received from Dr. Frankel and Dr. Kruger proved to be as wonderful a doctor as Dr. Frankel. I recommend this office with full confidence they will care for you as if you are family.
    Source: Google Reviews 11
  • Dr. Kruger has been my ophthalmologist for a couple of years now and has performed cataract surgery on both eyes. I have been very impressed with Dr Kruger's professionalism and kindness. The atmosphere in the office is very patient oriented and professional. My surgeries both went perfectly, no complications and I know I'm in good hands with Kruger and Associates in Eyecare. I recommend this practice without reservation.
    Source: Google Reviews 11
  • I have had 2 great experiences with Dr. Kruger. The first came last year when he squeezed me into his schedule last minute as a new patient because of an red-eye issue. The second was for my comprehensive checkup/exam today. He's knowledgeable, thorough, and most importantly, I definitely feel like I'm in good hands when he walks into the room. In addition, excellent front desk staff and assistants make this a great place to come for eye care.
    Source: Google Reviews 11
  • I have been a patient of Dr. Frankel for over 30 years and he discovered I had developed a cataract on my right eye. Because Dr. Frankel does not perform this surgery anymore he recommended his associate Dr. Kruger. Dr. Kruger did and excellent job and everything went exactly as he said it would. My vision is now better than before! I would definitely recommend him to anyone in need of a great eye doctor.
    Source: Google Reviews 11
  • Highly recommend this place to anyone who wants to get a thorough eye exam. Dr. Kruger himself is very warm, kind, and most importantly, knowledgeable. He answered all my questions and addressed my concerns professionally. The staff are nice, courteous, and helpful.
    Source: Healthgrades Reviews 1
  • Dr Kruger is meticulous, maybe to a fault. He has your best interest at heart and in my case checked and rechecked and rechecked my eyes to make absolutely sure he was spot on in his diagnosis. He is very caring and very OCD. A good combination for a doctor that is working on your eyes. The end result of my surgical proceedure is I now see 20/20, no longer need to wear glasses, had no discomfort and am 100% satisfied that Dr. Kruger is the best at what he does. Would I recomend him? Absolutely. Great guy, excellent doc perfect results.
    Source: Healthgrades Reviews 1
  • Dr. Kruger is my eye doc. He is an MD, young, and aggressive about continuous education. He has removed cataracts in both eyes as well as the inevitable scar tissue that results from the procedure. The office is well run, on time, and in a convenient and safe location. They take all insurances as well as Medicare. Dr. Kruger is your one stop shop for total Eyecare.
    Source: Healthgrades Reviews 1
  • Matt Kruger replaced my old retired opthamologist a few years ago. Recently I required cataract surgery and had both done by Matt over a 3 month period. Matt's work was impeccable and the office staff was a pleasure to deal with through the process.
    Source: Healthgrades Reviews 1
  • I had an excellent experience. I found the staff to be courteous and helpful. Dr. Kruger was knowledgeable, friendly and kind. It had been a long time since my last eye exam. This eye exam went well. I am weird about stuff near my eyes, but I was comfortable. I recommend Dr. Kruger and this office.
    Source: Healthgrades Reviews 1
  • These guys are awesome! Dr Krueger and his staff are very thorough and made what was a very scary procedure(LASIK) very comfortable, My fear going into this was that they were going to churn me out like I hear a lot of other places do. Not the case here. They definitely dot all the I's and cross the T's and made sure I was well informed and aware of everything along the way. I highly recommend Associates in Eyecare!!
    Source: Healthgrades Reviews 1
  • These guys are great. They worked me in on very short notice & I never waited more than a couple of minutes before being seen! Would highly recommend.
    Source: Healthgrades Reviews 1
  • I had cataract surgery in both eyes in late 2015. Dr. Kruger was very impressive and the results were even better! Both eyes right at 20/20 (right eye just a bit better; left just a tiny bit less). Dr. Kruger was very professional, careful. He double-checked everything because while there was correctable astigmatism in the left eye the right eye was just not quite enough for the correcting lens. I was able to trust him and his staff and highly recommend him to anyone needing eye care.
    Source: Healthgrades Reviews 1

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