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Corneal Cross-Linking

Associates in Eyecare is pleased to offer corneal cross-linking with the only FDA approved system, Avedro. Corneal cross-linking is approved to treat keratoconus, a disease of corneal weakening, and post-LASIK ectasia, which is kerataconus caused by LASIK. Like any structure, the eye needs to be rigid enough to withstand its internal pressure. If there is a weak spot, the area will bulge and warp. This is what happens in keratoconus. (see photo)

Keratoconus is a disease found in about 1/500 people. It manifests as blurry vision that often cannot be corrected by glasses. Advanced testing with corneal topography, a color map of the surface of your cornea, is used to confirm the diagnosis.

Historically there was no treatment available for keratoconus. Many patients suffered a lifetime of blurry vision and some even needed corneal transplants, an expensive and risky procedure.

Cornea cross-linking is able to completely arrest the progression of the disease 95% of the time with 1 treatment and 99% with two treatments if needed. The risk of complications is about 1%. There is no way to reverse the effects of prior damage and so early detection and treatment is critical.

The procedure lasts about 60 minutes and takes about 2 weeks to heal fully. Overall the procedure is fairly painless with the appropriate pain management regimen.

If you have questions, or would like to be evaluated for corneal cross-linking please call or book online.